The Standard Model

The Standard Model of Fundamental Particles and Interactions provides a graphic overview of the basic understanding of what is observed and translated into theories.



This Standard Model is also a point of reference for this site when an alternative interpretation of observations will be discussed.

In this Standard Model, there is a basic split in particles which are supposed to constitute matter (fermions) and particles that are supposed to be and referred to as force carriers (bosons). Each of these types of fundamental particles is a constituent of more complex particles that are (meta)stable, with a (very) long lifetime before decay and particles that only show up during extremely short periods of time before decay into more stable particles occur.

The main physical properties attributed to these particles are spin, mass, and electric charge. For each of these particles, specifically for the most stable ones, more specific descriptions and attributions of physical properties are available, will also be referred to in this site.

Each of the main physical properties will be discussed in more detail in separate chapters.