The Big Bang

The Big Bang theory is the prevailing cosmological model to explain the early development of the universe.

There are various theories about the Big Bang, and particularly about the first extremely short period that occurred after this major event. We could describe all these theories here, but this will not be done because so far, none of them have proven to be consistent with an overall logic explanation. Similarly, religious explanations are not publicly accepted either. It is clear that mankind has always had a profound belief in some mix of eternity and a fall out of a paradise. However, these descriptions are stated in wordings that may have been acceptable for our “ancestors” but are no longer accepted as logical explanations by the scientific community.

A common thread in almost all theories that currently prevail and attract credible scientific attention is a strong belief that some form of manifestation of mass as a property of matter and similarly that of energy could be and was concentrated at an extremely high density. Before the Big Bang, both of these physical phenomena were assumed to be in a kind of “hot spot.” Most scientists are reluctant to accept that the very beginning of the universe emerged from a singularity. One of the originators of the Big Bang theory was Monsignor Georges Lemaȋtre, a Roman Catholic priest. He thought that:

If the world has begun with a single quantum, the notions of space and time would altogether fail to have any meaning at the beginning; they would only begin to have a sensible meaning when the original quantum had been divided into a sufficient number of quanta. If this suggestion is correct, the beginning of the world happened a little before the beginning of space and time.

It is also obvious that the Albert Einstein’s equation E=mc² has serious constraints for application in a singularity or whatever definition of such a hot spot.

It does not allow for mass in such a singularity.

There is a high lack of clarity on what happened in the very first period of the beginning of our universe, up to the universe’s first seconds. Having said this, we must acknowledge that both measuring time and stating a time lapse in seconds, refers to our perception of measurable dimensions. Nevertheless, it is possible to use this system of measurements as our standard, and as a result, we have defined, therefore, the International System of Units(or the SI system).

There are various representations of the present state of speculations regarding this first period.

This graphic representation shows most of the actual ideas.            




                                                                                                           Source RedOrbit

After 1 second, the assumption is that fundamental particles and their interactions were recognizable and entered a state of a metastable equilibrium while subjective to the impact of four different types of forces: the strong nuclear force and the weak nuclear forcethe electromagnetic force and gravity.

Each of these fundamental particles and interactive forces has been subject to intense investigation by methods of reduction of particles, leading to the Standard Model of Fundamental Particles and Interactions.

So far the scientific understanding of the prevailing cosmological ideas on the Big Bang.

Hereafter a possible alternative explanation for what happened will be suggested. It is a fundamentally different idea and imperative to understand the paradigm as discussed on this site.

In this explanation, we will use notions like space and time as we are familiar to us. These notions will be used only to explain the idea, and therefore we need to link into a set of notions as commonly perceived as reality. Monsignor Georges Lemaȋtre also indicated that these notions need further understanding and this will be discussed these later on in this study. 

Based on the law of conservation of energy and assuming that only after the first short period this law became valid, we may logically conclude that at the very start of the universe, there was an outburst of an enormous amount of energy.  That was a new phenomenon. The word outburst to be used because it is as if that energy was not there before the start. Additionally, after this first extremely short period, we observe and understand that all kind of impacts and forces became active to interfere with the manifestations of entities by that free, uncompensated energy.

Herewith we like to suggest that this could well have happened in three specific stages:

  1. A status in which there was no observable physical exposure to energy or other physical phenomena at all
  2. An apparent outburst of manifestations of energy during a very short period of what we call time
  3. A period in which all kind of forces became active to create some order and transformations due to inference of the exposed free energy on entities

This last period is relatively well known.  It is described in a lot of theories, which range from a description of the composition of atoms up to the theory of evolution.

It is obvious that whatever we state about this very start of the Universe, will by definition be a simplified model of such an event. Therefore, there will be only a claim for indicating which driving principles could have come into action to allow observation by humanity. All as discussed previously.

What could have happened in these first two periods and in the very first amount of time in period three?

PERIOD 1.      

The first status: a status in which there was no energy exposure energy at all

When we focus on this status, in which there was no manifestation of energy physically apparent or detectable, we can logically assume that it was hidden from physical exposure. Some sort of captivity could have been present in what is familiar known to us in the analogy of potential energy.  To keep this energy in rest and/or to avoid exposure, it requires compensation by another form of energy that could balance to perpetual rest. No motion induced by energy at all.

This balancing arrangement was obviously totally perfect up to the start of the universe.

However, a balance on what?

We herewith like to introduce entities into the discussion now.

Again, whether you call them entities or virtual particles or point particles, it means that it is assumed that there were manifestations of energy that were linked to and active and counteractive on entities and that those energies were perfectly in balance to rest. These entities are dimensionless and can show their existence only by their manifestations. If these manifestations were in a total perfect balance to rest, and only had potential energy, then there was nothing physical detectable in the universe. There was just rest in a singularity.

 This perfect rest was broken during a very short period of what we call time.

 PERIOD 2.      

An apparent outburst of manifestations of energy during a very short period of what we call time

From the moment that this perfect rest was broken, uncompensated carriers of energy became physically observable. It is likely that this was the energy of a nature that we experience as what we have named electrical energy. It does have characteristics that we observe as being related to electrical “charges.”

We know that electrical charges of the same nature repel each other.


These forces are acting due to the electric charges. Because we are only familiar with electrical charges bound to particles, we have a hidden assumption that these forces can only work on so-called fermions. The repulsive force can accelerate fermions in a near field, so the forces are relative to the distance between two fermions that carry electric charges.

The scalar and vector forms of the mathematical equation are


Releaseofenergy2     and      Releaseofenergy3 respectively

There is merit to think that there is no justification that this assumption is only valid for fermions. There is no indication in the mathematical expression that assumes mass manifestation as a prerequisite for a force to exercise its existence on entities involved.

Now, let us assume that during this short period in which this perfect balance was broken, all the entities that were subject to this event were released with a manifestation of an uncompensated, free amount of electric energy that exercised repelling forces relative to each other. These forces brought the related entities into physical motion and “space and time” started to emerge. In other words, the related entities were on the move and showed their existence by their manifestation of the (free) electric energy on the move.            

Note:  The notions space and time in this explanation are used for clarification. That triggers the question: have the entities accelerated from zero to the speed of light in this short period? We will refrain from discussing this issue at this stage of explaining The Dutch Paradigm, the question is linked to our notion of time and assumes that is a continuous phenomenon. This issue is not addressed in the prevailing theories as well, though we accept in Quantum Physics that we cannot conclude on the status of phenomena in transition per Planck period.     

We observe a space around us in three dimensions, so we may assume that these entities are also showing their physical existence with their electric energy manifestations in a three-dimensional universe.


A period in which all kind of forces became active to create some order and transformations related to the exposed free energy on entities

After a short period, the compensating counteractive energy started to show the impact again on each entity. This counteractive energy is known to us as magnetism. It is part of the duality of the electromagnetic system. As from this moment onwards, we can recognize that duality as the electromagnetic wave of an entity.  

This system of active and counteractive energy – the magnetic manifestation –  started again, but in its original capacity. It cannot compensate for the portion of uncompensated, free electric energy as was a manifestation of the entity in the short period of the outburst, period 2.

We observe that the total amount of free energy that was released into space is fixed and preserved, as from that moment of time.

The observable universe was in existence and the perception of time had started.

In a short animation:


A crucial question now to be addressed:

 If we have a fixed amount of free energy available as a physical manifestation of the existence of entities, with retarded magnetic compensation, what could be the meaning of this for us as conscious human observers?