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Welcome to this site.

In this site, I, Jac van den Broek, provide food for thought to widen the scientific view of the physical reality in which we live. We all have our subjective view and lots of common questions why we are here as an individual, as a human being.

We understand enough of the physical reality to use technology to bend reality to our wishes. Nevertheless, whatever we make, it will decay and recycle to its natural constituent components. We manipulate the basic “material” of our physical world like protons, electrons and most of the elements, but as the alchemists experienced, making gold is a bridge too far.

The observations of our physical reality translate into laws of nature we can apply for our technology to make life more comfortable.  However, digging into the smallest details of this physical reality, we get lost. Though scientists are trying to convince us that we are almost there in finding the Theory of Everything, we know this is far from a realistic appraisal. We have seen that scientists in Particle Physics have entered the realms of metaphysics, but act as if they are still “reporting on objectively verifiable observations” of what in fact is not open for observation.

This work describes the outcome of a holistic thought process to search for more coherence in well-known observations. Not by reduction from complexity into fundamental parts, but in the causality of fundamental manifestations of entities we know as photons and neutrinos. Manifestations we experience as electromagnetic phenomena.  The causality itself is observable through a time driven causal sequence of change in manifestations, hence we experience time.

The widely available and validated data as published by experimental physicists was input for that thought process. There has been no intentional bending of facts towards a preferred outcome. I have declared additional specific first principles, perceived as relevant by me. The subsequent thinking process can be checked on its coherence in the logic outcome as discussed in this study.

The results were unexpected, and a new paradigm emerged.

               The Dutch Paradigm

The content of this site reflects where I am at this moment in “time.”  I have been overwhelmed by the beauty of the extremely tiny world. It is the opposite of complexity, and I invite you to follow the steps in the modeling I have done. It starts with the Big Bang and follows up to and including the logic in understanding the atoms and elements. It is a total revision that allows modeling the observations into a full new paradigm.

Understanding my thought process requires knowledge and understanding of observations as available in Particle Physics. The reliable scientific information reflects data gathered through research by reduction. I will discuss some of it and will guide and give links to further publicly known and accepted data.

The sections for The Dutch Paradigm required a minimum of scientifically acceptable verbalization. Didactical material like illustrations and animations are incorporated.

I suggest that you start by reading the introduction and summary first.

I hope that you will understand this new paradigm and open your mind for a better view of the world you are living in.